Value Maintenance and Increment

At the end of 1990, at a Christie's auction, a 5.16-carat emerald of excellent quality had a transaction carat unit price twice the price of a 5.04-carat D-color IF diamond. With the continuous reduction of high-quality emerald resources and people's more understanding and concern for her, its appreciation potential is immeasurable and is the 21st century's most investment potential jewelery.

1, beautiful: Emerald green has fascinated people, both soft and soft colors, deep, breathtaking, known as the color of life, people never tire of; no natural color than the emerald more beautiful Emerald green is its most important value;
2, Durable: Durability is one of the important characteristics of gems. Natural emerald hardness of 7.5 to 8, are high hardness gem, more heat, pressure, corrosion resistance, less susceptible to external damage, can be stored in the natural environment for long, for collection, can be handed down for a long time;
3, rare: Emerald is the most "noble" member of the Beryl family, the most "precious stones in the four", only Colombia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil and a few countries produced; with the recent emerald With the increasing demand, the traditional mineral resources have been almost exhausted and a good one has been sold as a natural emerald.
4, long: Emerald is one of the oldest gems, there are over 6000 years of human wear history, ancient Egypt, the ancient Roman era has been regarded as priceless emerald treasure, the egyptian royal family to use emeralds jewelry; history of many Emerald legend makes it full of infinite charm.
Revaluation and appreciation
Ancient and modern gems are small, high value, easy to carry, easy to preserve is considered a great choice for hedging investment. Relative to the traditional gold, platinum, diamonds, and sought after by a large number of investors in recent years, jade, tourmaline. The market for emerald gems is just emerging in the country.
Simply put, consumers spend a lot of money to buy emerald gems, not to consume the wealth out, but a conversion of wealth around you. This form can not only ensure the preservation and appreciation of wealth, and beauty and decoration can be extremely pleasing to the wearer at the same time.
   Specifically, gem's appreciation of value is reflected in where? Combined with the domestic market conditions, as long as you are in the trusted business to buy the cost-effective gems, there is a certain amount of appreciation of space. In short, it is after your purchase that it takes a while to buy the same product at the same price. Consumers buy gems, you want to cash, with the following options. First of all, it is recommended to take friends and family and jewelry as the first consideration, maybe they have coveted your baby for a long time. Second, you can use Taobao micro-store these network platform. Third, if the value of precious stones has increased a lot, the original jewelry store will be recycled. Fourth, the auction company also has special jewelry special.
In the past 10 years, the price of emerald stones has increased by 20% every year. Especially in the past three years, with the decreasing output of traditional mining areas, the price of emerald stones soared by 20% every quarter. Compared with the price of emerald, the price of emerald is a global, transparent, rational and in line with the growth of supply and demand. Particularly worthy of the majority of consumers concerned and involved.

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