Emerald History

    According to legend, emerald was first discovered in ancient Egypt, the upper reaches of the Nile, the West Bank Red Sea. There are still traces of the oldest tunnels and mines in the world. The research confirmed that where there once was rich in emerald gems. Legend has it that emeralds are Cleopatra's favorite jewel, with her own name and emeralds of emerald gems to show off her beauty and authority.
        In the mid-15th century, with the discovery of the New World by Columbus, a large number of Europeans vied with each other to ruminate on South America. They found that indigenous people wearing a green gem, giving an indescribable illusion of color, also heard that this gem began mining from the Inca Empire, there have been hundreds of years. This is the emerald gem, Europeans plundered this precious stone, and shipped to Europe. For a time wearing emerald gem popular in Europe's high society. In a variety of social situations, people always love to show off their own emerald jewelry intentionally or unintentionally, as if who the jewels are beautiful, who have large gems and who is the spot queen or emperor.
        According to legend, in 1600 AD, in the MUZO area 200 kilometers north of the capital of Colombia, the river surged, surging and infiltrating with water and washed away a large amount of sediment. After the flooding subsided, when the local Moscas returned to their old homes, they found that the clear waters of the past had become muddled, thinking that the mud on the river had been rolled up. People found a large number of beautiful green stones in the river, which is the famous Colombian emerald. Moscas, ecstatic, will be some pondering columnar crystals, inlaid into a beautiful peculiar necklace dedicated to Muzo princess Fura (FURA), and later, people will be the princess's name as the necklace The name of the emerald mine here is also named FURA FENA. This outstanding necklace, will become the most representative of the emerald treasures. Later generations of Moscas people will be handed down this necklace from generation to generation, enshrined in the mountains. The Spanish colonists, on many occasions wanting to plunder it, were all closely protected by the Moschians. Time goes by After several twists and turns, this necklace has been preserved by the Colombian overseas Chinese Calansha family so far. For nearly 400 years, such a beautiful crystal emerald columnar crystal no longer apparent. A U.S. rich has spent 200 million U.S. dollars to buy it and has not been able to do so.
        In ancient times, emperors of the East and the West liked to embellish their emerald gems with their crown and jade belt. As in the history of the famous "Ande Si" Crown, on which is set with 453 emeralds gems. China's Ming and Qing emperors have also used a lot of emerald gems as decorations. There are many emerald treasures in the Ming Tombs, the treasure unearthed in the Ming Dynasty tomb. Emerald in the feudal society at the time, is only the princes and nobility can have a treasure, it is regarded as a symbol of power. Since the 16th century, many extremely precious emeralds have been embedded in the royal crown, scepter, throne and various kinds of jewelry in European royal families. The emerald possessed by the Iranian royal family, no matter its quality or quantity, is second to none.


In 1798, on a throne of the king of Iran, many of the 26,733 precious stones inlaid were worthless emeralds.


In 1869, the gold globe, made of 34 kilograms of gold, contains more than 50,000 gemstones: emeralds, ocher mosaics, Southeast Asia, Iran, Britain and France.


In 1967, during the coronation ceremony, the King of Iran, Pahlavi, set the crown for his princess, inlaid with several extremely expensive emeralds. Unfortunately, later King Leh was banished after the crown on the whereabouts of unknown. Catherine the Great, the famous Czarist emperors also loved the emerald, collecting a lot of precious emerald jewelry. In 1912 King George V of Great Britain made a crown for the king of the then colonial India of England at that time. It was embedded with 6,170 diamonds, 4 rubies and 4 sapphires, as well as 6 qualities and colors Big emerald.
         How can a gem make it fascinated by generations of people for thousands of years? What is its special charm? Legend has it that in ancient times, people first proposed this kind of gem to Venus, to bless you for eternal happiness. In many countries in South America, the custom of preserving the emerald jewelry is always retained so far: Both men and women show their love and engagement, and never change their mind. Legend has it that emerald has the evil evil extermination function. In ancient times people got sick, that is evil, is caused by evil invasion, and wear emerald can get rid of all kinds of evil. Ancient Romans believe: people often look at emeralds, can eliminate eye fatigue, restore sight, broaden their horizons; Indian emerald even more as a protective magic worn on his body dare to enter the mountains, into the jungle. They are convinced that emerald can make them prosperous, the tragedy, any monsters, snakes and beasts will not close. More and more people are convinced that emerald is a kind of lucky gems, it is the gem through millions of years, the tremendous changes in the world from the gems, it itself has a magical power, will certainly bring good Shipped Of course, these are legendary, not enough to believe, but one thing is certain that emerald is the oldest and most valued gemstone ore. Since ancient times, emeralds have been given a layer of mysterious color.
        Emerald is a healing gem. It has the effect of detoxification fever, both Europeans and Asians, that it also has a good liver protective effect. Can relieve eye fatigue, the Chinese traditional medicine that the main liver (head), liver disease can be manifested through the eyes, this point, the ancient warlocks of the East and West also coincide. Even more amazing is that emeralds also make storm calm effect, so it can treat melancholy and madness; with emerald women, can make the mind to become more open, know tolerance and tolerance, at the same time, will be self-explanatory release. Therefore, women wearing emeralds will become more and more gentle, kind and generous, to maintain the harmony of marital life.
    Many centuries ago, the holy verse of India, Vedic, explains the healing properties of precious emeralds: "Emerald can bring good luck to the wearer" and "enhance the well-being of life." So it is no wonder that the most beautiful emeralds are found in the treasures of the Maharaja and the Queen of India.

Mogul Emerald

Emerald "Mogul Emerald", one of the largest in the world, was found in 1695, weighing 217.80 carats, about 10 centimeters high. Prayers are inscribed on one side and magnificent floral decorations on the other. This legendary emerald was bought for $ 2.27 million by an anonymous buyer at the Christie's auction in London on September 28, 2001.
Emeralds have been respected since ancient times. For this reason, one of the most famous emeralds is often housed in museums. Take the New York Museum of Natural History for example, a pure emerald cup belonging to the Jehangir emperors was exhibited. And on the side is "Patricia," one of the largest Colombian emeralds in the world, weighing 632 carats. Bogotá also houses five very precious emerald stones weighing between 220 and 1796 carats, and these splendid emeralds are part of the Iranian treasury and are used to decorate the former Queen Farah's crown. Turkish Sudan also loves emeralds. Every item of jewelery, writing instruments and daggers on display at the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul is spared no expense in the decoration of emeralds and other precious stones.
        Leaving aside all the mysterious myths of emeralds, it is fascinating to melancholy and glorious beauty alone. For thousands of years, the number of literati and language masters in the world has scoured their brains and found no suitable words to describe the beauty of emeralds. Finally, they said helplessly whenever they stood on the lawn in the spring, When it fell on the sprout that the tree just spit out, the pleasing feeling was unspeakable, but it was less than the color of the emerald. In fact, there is no substance in the world that can be compared to the color of emerald. It is spring green, green youth. It is a pervading gem, whether it is sunny or cloudy; whether natural or artificial, it always emits a rich, soft light. This is the allure of emeralds, the king of green gems.
        Although the beautiful and rare people will have a direct feeling, in all its claims to be superstitious legend, may not be groundless. A emerald gem carefully pondering, well-designed, inlaid into a beautiful jewelry, it will bring a pleasant mood. Healthy mental health of the body. Immunity has increased, far from the disease. The theory of psychologists on the role of psychological suggestion has been accepted by many people, people believe that emerald has magical power. Have it, unconsciously enhance the confidence of doing things, an increase of the courage to win.
Emerald Green verdant color and bright soft luster gives a noble impression, attracting people's attention, make their own form more elegant and noble. Reflecting the good demeanor and temperament, it has fascinated people of different ages, races, cultures and regions from ancient times. Emerald is called "the most attractive gems" deserved.

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