About Emerald

Emerald is known as the king of emeralds, is the birthstone of May, and red sapphires, gold and green cat's eye, diamond and known as the international jewelery industry recognized four precious stones, because of its unique green and its rare deposits Since ancient times, emerald has always been loved by the people of the world.

The basic nature of emerald
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Mineral Name: Emerald's mineral name is beryl. In mineralogy is a beryl family.
Chemical composition: beryllium aluminum silicate Be3Al2 (Si2O6) 3
Crystal system: hexagonal system
Optical properties: Cr induced color and Fe2 caused two kinds of color. Cr color can be slightly yellow or blue hue, soft and bright colors, with velvet texture. Fe2 + color ecliptic color darker. At present, international accreditation bodies usually divide emerald and beryl by color rather than composition.
Gloss and transparency: polished surface is glass luster, broken surface is glass luster to resin luster; transparent to translucent.
Hardness: Mohs hardness of 7.5 ~ 8
Density: usually 2.72g / cm3
Internal and external microscopic features:
1, mineral inclusions: mica, tremolite - Yang stone, pyrite, calcite, hematite, other mineral inclusions
2, negative crystal or hollow
3, heal or partially heal cracks
4, ribbon or growth zone
Emerald variety
In addition to the common emerald, there are the following varieties of emerald
1. Emerald cat's eye: Emerald contains a group due to the internal parallel arranged, densely packed tubular inclusions, resulting in cat's eye effect. Very rare. (With company product map, link)
2. Trapiche: A rare and unusual type of emerald produced in the Muzo mine in Colombia. In the middle of the green emerald with dark and radial arms, is composed of carbonaceous inclusions and albite.
Emerald origin
The world's major emerald origin Columbia, Brazil, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and so on.
Similar emerald stone
Green tourmaline, garnet, chrome diopside, emerald and so on
Emerald imitation goods
Glass, Synthetic Spinel, Flat Gemstone (Emerald + Beryl) (Emerald / Beryl + Green Glass)
Emerald synthetic products
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Emerald, Solvent Synthesis of Emerald
Emerald optimization and processing
   Filled with colorless oil, filled with colored oil, filling resin

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