"Star City emerald" Emerald focus more than twenty years, emerald leading brand. Its full name is "Beijing Star City Jiarui Trading Co., Ltd. Private-owned company." Sun Quan Sheng is the only investor.
Wang Haiyuan, current managing director of the company, is the appraiser of the "Royal Gemological Institute of England," and Xu Yan, one of the key leaders of the company, is a professional gemmologist at "American Gemmological Institute."
 Since 1990, the company specializes in emeralds.
Since 2002, Mr. Sun has invited Colombian, Thai, Pakistani and other gemstone-related government departments to visit China. In particular, an impromptu fifty-minute impromptu speech was delivered in Spanish at the Bogota Fair for International Trade in the Colombian capital, opening up a precedent for Colombian emerald miners competing in the Chinese jewelry market.
 Twenty-six years, Mr. Sun and other leaders of the company many times under the mines, factories, handling millions of emeralds. Familiar with the entire process from raw materials to finished products, from the subtle difference between each gem accurately control the corresponding price.
  The main leaders of the company go abroad many times a year to conduct market research.
 Mr. Sun is currently Vice Chairman of China Gem Stone Association Color Gem Committee.
Beijing Jewelry Institute consultant professor.
In recent ten years, he has repeatedly interviewed by Beijing Central Television Station and International Broadcasting Station. At the end of 2002, CCTV was invited to host emerald in the "Columbia" TV documentary, the first film introduced by the Chinese media to introduce emerald.
Mr. Sun has been invited many times to give speeches on such topics as emerald culture, knowledge and investment in the National Geological Museum, large clubs and seminars.
 Mr. Sun has visited the emerald museum collection of over a dozen countries and learned about its history. In particular, the history of emerald into China has unique research and discovery.
Mr. Sun graduated from the Beijing Foreign Studies University engaged in jewelry jade for more than 40 years working in Beijing Friendship Store is quite familiar with the Chinese jade craft school.

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