The company is mainly led introduction:

Sun Quansheng Chairman of the board of directors of the company, in the early years of the Beijing friendship store jewelry and jade article for business cadre, accumulated 20 years work experience, beginning his own jewelry company in 1986, in the early ninety s began to cooperate with more than Columbia emerald mine, specializes in Colombia emeralds, and so far the only. Had been Colombia's ambassador to play as "Columbia emerald ambassador".

Over the past twenty years, Mr. Sun. Many times go to Columbia under mine, running market, with its many years study of emerald experience and a skilled Spanish, widely to make friends with local mines, foreman and ordinary workers, with their help, collected some Colombian counterpart envy even decades envy rare treasures. They meet the needs of China's top jewelry guests, also enrich the company's treasure.

Mr. Sun is very keen on the propaganda and introduction of emerald at home, he explain to the emerald enthusiasts thousands of times, was invited to the China central television, the geological museum, jewelry college lectures, has written a few article introduces emerald.

Mr. Sun has at the invitation of Colombia, Thailand, Pakistan's government to visit the country, and in the related international conference on China's jewelry market, caused the international counterparts to China's great interest and attention.

Graduated from Beijing foreign languages institute Mr. Sun can speak several western languages, Sun Quansheng current:

Vice President of China general chamber of commerce, jewelry commission

Emerald and rare gem research association

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