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    Star City For 28 Years

    Lucky stone and Rise above the common herd
    City Star Generation and inheritance
    Only sell emerald began in 1990

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    Emerald City

    Whether it is cloudy or sunny,
    Whether it is natural or artificial light source, it is always a soft and gaudy light,
    This is the green stone King - Emerald charm.

Brand culture

A member of the natural emerald belongs to the mineral beryl family, is a kind of beryllium and aluminum silicate. Emerald green is very attractive, people say he like spinach, said he like heart green onions, and said he like a young tree in bud green. But, no matter how you describe it is not accurate to express his green. He said he is green, and the green belt is yellow, yellow green, yellow green and blue point in him. Always look good to hear or see.

Classic luxury

A ring, a luxury necklace, a luxury for love, as long as she likes

  • Emerald Ring

  • Emerald Pendant

  • Emerald Stone


  • Diamonds k-gold


Cooperation Opportunities

At present, China has become the world's largest jewelry consumer market. 2015 total sales of the jewelry industry in China has reached 52000  billion CNY, among them, the gem stones have reached 6650 billion CNY.

Emerald is known as the king of green gems , is quite precious gems (May birthstone), international jewelry industry one of the four precious stones (ruby&sapphire chrysberyl and diamond). Because of their special green and unique charm, and the legend of magic, emerald are popular with the people all over the world.

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